Practical Procedures Skin – Melbourne

Practical Procedures – Suspicious skin


Location: Sinclair Dermatology, Level 2, 2 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, Vic, 3002

Date: Saturday, 8th December 2018

With skill and confidence GPs can diagnose and treat most dermatological conditions requiring surgical interventions.

Attend this hands-on practical day to upskill on dermoscopy, confidently identify skin malignancies, and increase your skill in performing a range of procedures including excisions, shave biopsies, various suturing techniques and follow up care.

After attending this seminar, GPs will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to undertake a comprehensive skin examination.
  • Accurately diagnose signs of potential skin malignancy using a dermoscope.
  • Outline the management of common benign skin conditions using approaches such as curettage, shave biopsy, cryosurgery, excision and medical therapy.
  • Identify when biopsy or further investigations are appropriate for differential diagnoses to best meet the needs of the patient and ensure patient safety.
  • Detail approaches to treat and manage non-melanoma skin cancers.
  • Outline optimal approaches to manage wounds and minimise scarring following surgical intervention.


Introduction, general principles and techniques, overview

Diagnosis, management approaches – curettage, treatment shave and biopsy, excision, cryosurgery. When to use each approach.

Practical: Simple excisions and cryotherapy– skin tags, warts, cysts, lipomas, haematomas; when is curettage, treatment shave, cryosurgery or excision the best approach?

Dermoscopy and malignancy recognising melanoma, BCC, SCCs, solar keratoses under the dermoscope. How to choose a dermatoscope. Case study examples

Practical: Small group Vectra case studies – find the melanoma

When and how best to biopsy – and how to avoid scarring.

Practical: Excision, shave, punch biopsy; treatment of SCC, solar keratoses; margins and challenging areas (hand/face/scalp).

Techniques for different wounds, choice of suture material, removal time and technique How to minimise scarring and aftercare.

Practical: Flaps, grafts, difficult closures, simple, mattress, subcuticular suture, scar minimisation.

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