Dr David Carey

Dr David Carey:
Endocrinologist -BSc MBBS FRACP (University Medal medicine UNSW)

Dr Carey has published and taught in the areas of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes for the last 25 years. He graduated in Science and Medicine (University Medal UNSW) in 1986 and trained at St Vincent’s Hospital and the Garvan Institute, Sydney. Dr Carey took up position of senior lecturer at UQ in 1996 and senior staff specialist at PA hospital and became acting director of the Dept. of Diabetes PAH, prior to moving to the Wesley Hospital. In 2006 he established the multidisciplinary Health+ Diabetes Centre and the Brisbane Metabolic Institute.

He was Associate Professor at the school of human movements, UQ between 2003-2008. Dr Carey specialises in bariatric medicine, diabetes, PCOS and General Endocrinology. The Health+ Diabetes Centre, runs diabetes Cardiovascular and obesity treatment programs with the help of allied health services.