Dermatology Academy 2017

Discuss accurate diagnosis and optimal management of common and distressing dermatological conditions with leading experts. Through a series of interactive case studies and practical sessions, you’ll learn the importance of consistent messaging between health care professionals, updates on medication use and treatment regimens and how to avoid common pitfalls.

This event will be targeted toward both general practitioners and pharmacists.

Program Overview and Learning Outcomes

  • Managing acne in general practice
  • Fungal infections – diagnosis and management options
  • Skin cancer practical procedures workshop – GP focus
  • Wound care essentials practical workshop – pharmacist focus
  • Optimising eczema control
  • Psoriasis – new treatments for an old disease
  • Hair conditions

After participating in this seminar, general practitioners will be able to;

  • Accurately diagnose the different types of acne and ensure appropriate management for a good long-term result.
  • Outline the differential diagnoses for particular fungal skin infections and list appropriate treatment options.
  • Advise patients with eczema about managing environmental risk factors, appropriate use of topical corticosteroids, second line treatments and strategies to improve adherence.
  • Improve cryosurgery and skin biopsy techniques to aid accurate diagnosis and treatment of common skin lesions and cancers.
  • Confidently tailor treatment for psoriasis based on severity, using knowledge of the range of therapies available.
  • Identify common hair conditions, have an approach to assessing hair loss, and update knowledge of treatment options.
  • Determine when to refer to a dermatologist for the above skin conditions, to ensure optimal patient outcomes and safety.

Locations and dates

Sydney – November 2017

Melbourne – October 2017



Registration desk opens 7:45am.

Managing acne in general practice

Assessment and classification; stepwise approach to management of acne vulgaris and severe cystic acne; treatment updates for GPs.

Hair Conditions

Common conditions in general practice (hirsutism, alopecia); assessment and diagnosis; treatments and long-term follow up.


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