Australian Doctor Education is excited to present the 2018 line-up of education seminars.


Musculoskeletal injuries

GPs are a frequent first point of call for orthopaedic overuse or trauma injuries. Attend this practical, hands-on seminar and improve your skills in identifying and treating common injuries of the shoulder, knee, foot and ankle. Learn from leading sports physicians, orthopaedic specialists and physiotherapists about accurate diagnosis and optimal management of your patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

Musculoskeletal Health

Maximising musculoskeletal health over time

This practical and patient-focused seminar will provide you with an update on maximising musculoskeletal health throughout various life stages – from getting the foundations right during pregnancy to optimising muscle and bone health with ageing. The management of vitamin D deficiency will be highlighted, in addition to updating you on the latest diagnostic and treatment strategies for common musculoskeletal disorders such as rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis.


Respiratory care in general practice

Hone your systematic approach to assessing and managing the breathless and / or wheezy patient. In this seminar you’ll learn from leading respiratory physicians about interpreting investigative results, such as spirometry, and the latest management strategies for lung disorders ranging from asthma and COPD to lung cancer and interstitial lung disease.


Dermatology Academy

Join us for the Dermatology Academy seminar to update your knowledge on the assessment, treatment and referral of common skin disorders. Hear from leading dermatologists in this practical and interactive seminar covering a diverse range of topics from skin infections and wound management to fungal disease and paediatric rashes.